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Learn more about the games you can make esport bets on in our comprehensive eSport guides which give you insights in to the games, how To bet and the best esports betting sites to bet at for each one.

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Why you need our betting guides

While betting on e-sports is certainly accessible to all and as easy any form of live sports betting, if you want to be really successful you should get to know a bit about the games and tournaments that are you can make an e-sport bet on.

This will help you to get a much greater enjoyment out of competitive gaming, and hopefully some better returns on your e-sports bets.

What You’ll Find in the E-Sports Game Guides

For each of the e-sports that you can bet on we have provided the key information to get you started in making your e-sports gambling more successful.

These guides are comprehensive and cover a number of topics. They will guide you through how each game works, important links and streams, & the some of the most important intricacies of e-sports betting.

Introduction & How to Play

If you’re going to bet on the game and really enjoy the experience you’re going to want to know a bit of background about the game you want to gamble on and how it actually works.

This is especially true if you want to really get to have the excitement of watching the tournament matches you’ve bet on and really understand what is going on.

These e-sports game guides will give you a clear understanding of how these competitive games are played and won and some of the intricacies of the play and tactics.

How to Watch E-Sports Games

Being able to watch the games you’ve bet on are part of the fun, but also the best way to get to know how the games are played, and understanding how a game is going in play, is having watched some matches.

These guides will provide you with some great starting links for e-sports channels and streams on YouTube and Twitch to help get you started with watching these fun and exciting competitive games.

E-Sports Tournament Dates & Results

If you want to know when the next upcoming competitive gaming tournament is happening, or the recent results from past e-sports tournaments then the game guides will have you covered.

You can find all the latest and most recent major e-sports tournaments so you can watch all the action and have plenty of time to do your research and make your e-sports bets.

It’s also a great starting point to see who has been winning recent tournaments to help inform your e-sports betting decisions.

We’ll also link you up with the best online e-sports betting website for placing your bets on each tournament as soon as the e-sports odds are available.

E-Sports Betting Guide

The e-sports betting guides give you excellent information on the structure of tournaments and matches and how this can affect your e-sports bets.

Not all e-sports tournaments have the same match format, with some playing best of 1, some best of 3, or even more.
This can have a real impact on your e-sports bets and so we give you all the information on how each competitive games’ tournaments are structured.

It will also help you learn how to research your competitive gaming bets effectively with some great sources of information.

This information is key in ensuring your e-sports gambling is successful and will help you to maximise your results.

The links provided can help you find team news, team results history and form, tournament results history and many other key data points to help you make the most informed e-sports bets possible.

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