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The Best eSports Betting Sites

An emerging gambling opportunity has given many big names in the betting scene the opportunity to become part of a growing area. Find out which are the best, safest and most reputable esport betting sites you can place bets on your favourite games.

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What to look for in an eSport Sportsbook

If you want to bet on e-sports then you’re going to want to know who are the best online e-sports bookmakers for you to place your bets with.

With e-sports betting growing so quickly most of the major bookmakers now have their own e-sport betting market for you to place your bets with. There are also a number of specialist e-sports bookmakers out there too.

This gives us a wide variety of options, which is great, but it can be hard to choose the best one for your needs. That’s what this section is for. We’ll tell you all about which sites offer which games, which bets, what bonuses & who provides the best all round service.

E-Sports Betting Markets

Each e-sports bookmaker review will tell you all about what markets they each offer.

For example, some bookmakers only offer bets on the biggest e-sports games: LoL, DotA 2, CS:GO, Starcraft 2 & Hearthstone. However some offer on a much wider variety of e-sports games including Smite, Heroes of the Storm & World of Tanks.

In addition to this there can be a big variety in the types of bets each bookmaker offers. All offer the basic tournament winners, match winner & handicap match winner bets.

However many are starting to offer much greater variety of e-sport betting options. This includes things like map winners, first blood, first to 10 kills & number of maps won. There are even some e-sports in-play betting options provided by some bookmakers, such as betting on the next kill.

This can make watching an e-sports tournament match even more exciting with every little decision affecting your results.

E-Sports Bonuses

All bookmakers offer a variety of new customer bonuses, specials and other deals.

We will make sure you know who is offering what deals for you to take advantage of in your e-sports bets. The reviews will give all the information you’ll need to decide if the deal is good for you and will allow you to make the best decision.

E-Sports Deposit Methods & Payments

Most bookmakers offer a variety of different methods to desposit and withdraw money from your account to offer you great flexibility and security.

Each bookmaker review will clearly identify what methods the bookmaker offers so that you can be sure you can use a method that is appropriate for you, and that you are happy to use.

Additionally we’ll look at the process of withdrawing your e-sports bet winnings for each of the bookmakers.
This includes how long it takes to withdraw your funds, any restrictions such as maximum & minimum withdrawals, & any special checks or other considerations that affect you withdrawing your funds.

This helps you ensure you can choose a bookmaker that suits your requirements for depositing and withdrawing funds.

E-Sports Customer Support

One of the big factors you’ll want to know when choosing an online bookmaker for your e-sports bets is the customer support being offered.

We’ll identify how easy it is to get in contact with customer support as well as provide useful information & links to let you actually get in touch with the bookmaker for any inquiries you might have.


Each bookmaker review will include a clear identification of the benefits of each bookmaker and our review based on our experiences of the bookmaker so that you can have confidence you are placing a bet with a bookmaker that you can trust.

This way you’ll be sure you’re making the most of your e-sports bets.

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