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Why this site exists, what you can learn and why it's an advantage to you to start clicking around and taking a closer look at eSports

We at are gamers. We’re a small team who have been playing video games our entire lives and the e-sports explosion has been something we’ve been excited about for a long time.

While watching the League of Legends World Championship finals, we thought to ourselves “wouldn’t it be great if we could put a bet on this”, but it was clear very early on that there was little information out there on where and how to bet on e-sports.

This was clearly wrong, e-sports gaming has become bigger than most sports. Dota 2’s The International has a bigger prize pot than the USPGA championship, and the League of Legends World Championship gets 32 million viewers. These are games are big-time and a fantastic opportunity to bet on.

We decided that someone had to do something about the lack of information on e-sports betting, and we realised there probably aren’t many people with the skills to do it better than we could. So was born.

Who Are We?

We’re a team of three at, and while we all share a love of video games, we each bring a unique skill set to the team to help you get started and make the most of your e-sports bets.


Obadious is the real e-sports enthusiast. We’re all gamers but Obadious is the one who regularly watches all the tournaments, bets on the matches and competes in a variety of e-sports games himself.

He is the one who produces all the content about the games and tournaments, and brings his experience in e-sports betting to help with the bookmaker reviews and the gambling guides.

Favourite Games: Final Fantasy 7; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Yfanwyr is the developer and driving force behind He was the one who first came up with the idea for the site.

Bringing his years of experience in web development, technology & search engine marketing, along with his own love of competitive gaming, he has been responsible for the development and running of this fine site.

Favourite Games: Gran Turismo 4; Rocket League.


Mirima is the gambling expert. Mirima knows bookmakers, having worked in the gambling industry for years, and she knows gamblers, being one herself.

It’s her job to tell you all about the bookmakers that are offering e-sports betting and to help guide you through the process of eSports betting and helping you to make the most of your e-sports bets.

Favourite Games: Batman: Arkham Asylum; Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

What Can We Do For You?

We are here to be your eSports betting Shirpa’s, guiding you through the hazardous lands of e-sports betting.

For those of you without much experience in e-sports but want to be involved, we have fantastic introductory guides to all the top eSports games that you can bet on.

This includes how the matches are played and won, the upcoming and recently finished tournaments, where to watch eSport tournaments and what to look out for when betting on each of the games.

For the experienced e-sports gamers, who maybe haven’t ever placed a bet before in their life, we give great introductory guides to e-sports betting, and gambling in general so that you know where and how you can place an eSports bet.

For everyone, we review all of the top bookmakers offering eSports betting options. We take the honesty of our reviews extremely seriously and offer you unbiased advice to help you make the best decision for yourself.

This includes everything you need to know, including what games and bet types they cover and any eSport bonuses they offer.

This creates a one stop spot for you to find total, comprehensive, understandable and unbiased information on eSports betting.

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