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Introduction to League of Legends betting & gaming

A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, the League of Legends eSport is easily one of the most heavily played online, and for good reasons.

The game blends together real-time strategy (RTS), and role player game (RPG) elements, to produce a competitive, fast-paced and strategic massively multiplayer online game.

But betting on League of Legends requires more than a simple knowledge of the game; you’ll need to know how the tournaments work, the teams playing, and how to bet on esports. All of which you’ll find in this comprehensive League of Legends betting guide.

The game was released in 2009 as a completely free to play online e-sport and grew quickly, reaching 32.5 million players by 2011, 11.5 million who play monthly. By 2014 the developer Riot Games claimed the game has 67 million active monthly players.

The level of interest in LoL is so huge that the 2015 World Championship had over 32 million viewers, that’s more than the Women’s FIFA World Cup in 2015.

It has since continued to grow, with top tournament prize pools reaching over $2 million, and audiences worldwide continuing to be engrossed in a game that requires a huge amount of skill to conquer.

It means that, if you want to bet on LoL tournaments, a little research is all you need to know who is likely to come out the winner, as skill, more than chance, leads the way to success bets.

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Game Info

October 2009
Riot Games
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Multi Player
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How to play League of Legends online

The main mode of League of Legends, particularly for tournament play, involves two teams of five players that fight across a battlefield.

Each team has their own base, with three paths known as lanes; a top lane, a middle lane and a bottom lane. All three lanes head towards the enemy base.

The goal of the game is for a team to reach the enemies base and destroy their nexus.

Each player, known as a summoner, chooses a champion. The champion is the character each player controls on the battlefield. As well as their champions each team also has minions, turrets, and inhibitors.

Minions are non-player controlled characters that are spawned in waves every so often from the home nexus; they will walk across the battlefield toward the enemy nexus and will attack any enemies in their way. They are comparatively very weak compared to the champions, and indeed the turrets.

The turrets are positioned outside the nexus of each team. They deal out high levels of damage and are high in health and so take time to defeat. Obviously, being turrets, they cannot move.

Inhibitors are structures that, when destroyed, allows your team to start spawning super minions.

In order to manage to make it across the battlefield, and into the enemy base to destroy the nexus, the players need to level up by gaining experience.

Experience can be gained by defeating the enemy’s champions, minions, and turrets.

Levelling up will give a champion access to:

  • New and more powerful abilities
  • Increased power in existing abilities
  • Improved attributes

Killing enemies will also give you gold that can be spent on new items to help improve your champion. These items can be purchased in the item shop found in your home base.

If you want to learn more, watch this great video that introduces the gameplay of LoL in 13 minutes.

Watch and learn more about how League of Legends is played

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League of Legends Betting Guide

It might appear easy to place a League of Legends bet, but we’ve seen beginners make some easy mistakes.

However, it is a popular eSports betting game choice for a reason. Equal parts high skill, tactics, and team work, it allows the smart gambler to bet wisely, with just a little research.

Below we’ll look at some of the factors to consider when you bet on a League of Legends match.

The Match Format

League of Legends tournaments normally have two main stages. The groups stage and the knockout stage.

Maximising success during the group stage

The group stage involves a round robin league table, based on each team in the league playing each other a number of times (normally twice). The matches during the group stages are usually best of one game.

Best of one matches can be a little difficult to call. Much like in traditional sports, in a one off match, anything can happen.

This might mean a weaker team getting off to a strong start in a battle that the more favoured team cannot overcome, and before they know it, the match is lost.

That’s why gambling on a single match during the group stages is a dangerous bet and generally best avoided. Yes, you may have an absolutely nailed on result when the difference in ability between two teams is very large, but those winning odds will be poor anyway.

During the group stages it is generally more advisable to look at betting on the overall winner of the group. Yes it is a bet that won’t pay off for a while, but the winner of the league is rarely decided by chance.

Betting on the knockout stage

The knockout stage of a League of Legends tournament will normally be played with best of 5 matches.

Best of 5 match’s means that the informed punter can have real success with their bets, as the number of matches played will mean luck is unlikely to make an impact in the overall result.

This means that careful study of the teams, their form, and their skill can lead to you making quick returns. If you don’t fancy spending the time analysing then you can always bet on the favourite. They’re much more likely to come out on top than in a best of 1 match.

If a team is extremely strong compared to their opponent, then you can look at handicap bets in order to lengthen your odds.

We’ll look more at handicap bets later in this guide.

Researching Your Bets

If you’re going do engage in LoL betting you need to ensure you have all the data to help you make your bets intelligently.

League of Legends has a variety of excellent resources in order to do this, including:

  • Watching matches to get a feel for the sport
  • Analysing past history between teams
  • Form roster changes

Where to go from here

You now know a great deal about League of Legends eSport which is fantastic. The next step is for you to check out our beginners guide to e-sports betting where you will find out everything you need to know to make your first e-sports bet.

If you think you already know enough and you want to make your bet right now then check out our best lol betting sites reviews where you’ll find clear and detailed guides that will let you know who you should place your eSports bets with, and will give you all the very best bonuses to get started.

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League of Legends Tournaments 2016 Dates & Results

League of Legends betting can happen all year round, with various top tournaments running throughout the year.

During the year a number of regional leagues run across the globe that teams can compete in, and fans can bet on.

These start in January and run through to September time. This then leads to the League of Legends World Championship.

We’ve got all upcoming tournaments for 2016 below, and offer you the best sites to bet at online and mobile.

Current & Upcoming League of Legends Tournaments

No current 2016 tournaments to display - check back soon

Recent Tournament Results

2016 NA LCS Summer Split
2016 EU LCS Summer Split
2016 LPL Summer Split
2016 LCK Summer Split
MSI 2016
Winner: SKT T1

Watch League of Legends Games

YouTube Gaming and Twitch are both filled with some excellent channel’s for watching live and pre-recorded LoL matches.

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